Suspensions: Quick Guide

There are a few facts everyone should know about suspensions–spread the good news!  There are many “unofficial” or “undocumented” suspensions that districts may employ without your knowledge.

  1. Calling home: If the school calls you to pick up your child for a behavior issue, this is technically a suspension.  There are a limited number of times/days a student can be suspended under the Illinois School Code–keep track.
  2. “Go to the office”: One of the most common tools a teacher may employ to take control over the classroom can also be considered a suspension depending on the length of time the student is away from instruction. If the student is out of the classroom setting for more than 60 minutes, this is considered a suspension.
  3. 60 min-10 days: A student can only be suspended for up to 10 school days.  if it is longer than 10 days, it should be considered an expulsion and go through the proper procedures!

If you are having trouble with any of these issues, or think your student may be “unofficially” suspended, contact us for help!  Just one consultation can make a huge difference and change your child’s academic path.