Quick Guide-Other Useful Updates

This is NOT an exhaustive list nor legal advice.
This is round 3 of the series! If you are looking for more new laws, check out the previous post on family law HERE.  If you are looking for information more relevant to education law, check HERE.
If you have questions about how these laws may impact you and your family, feel free to reach out to Harmening Law!

Catch-all: This is the post with information that may not quite fit into a neat box, but should be something you think about.

  1. Carnivals: Amusement enterprises (including carnivals) MUST conduct background checks for all employees.
  2. FOID Card: This expands the definition of “patient”, expanding FOID card ineligibility.
  3. Juvenile Records: Juvenile record confidentiality and expungement opportunities are expanded to continue to protect children.
  4. Mom-to-Be in CustodyThis law requires a pre-trial detainee who may give birth while in custody to be ordered an alternative arrangement to custody.
  5. Name Change (Charged): If someone is charged with certain types of crimes, that person can change his or her name after the fact.
  6. Name Change (Trans):
  7. Name Change (Victim): Victims of domestic violence are no longer required to publish their name change before it becomes valid.
  8. Online Criminal Record: This law requires websites to remove criminal records for a person after provided a written request by that person.
  9. Sirens: Sirens on ambulance and rescue vehicles are now only supposed to be used when “reasonably necessary” (…a solid definition).
  10. BONUS-New Holidays!
    1. May 17-Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma Awareness Day
    2. Third Friday of May-First Responder Mental Health Awareness Day
    3. November 4-G.I. Bill of Rights Day
    4. December 3-Illinois Statehood Day


I hope you enjoyed the series! Please reach out if you have any other interesting or new laws that we should all be aware of in the New Year!