Quick Guide-Family Law Updates

This is NOT an exhaustive list nor legal advice.
If you have questions about how these laws may impact you and your family, feel free to reach out to Harmening Law!
  1. Adoption Forms(Finally) Gender neutral!
  2. Asthma: The school nurse is allowed to keep asthma medication at school prescribed to the school name.
  3. BreastfeedingA mother can be excused from jury service (upon request) if currently breastfeeding.
  4. Car SeatChild under 2 must be in a rear-facing car seat!
  5. Child Support (Unpaid): The penalty for driving on a suspended license due to unpaid child support (or parking tickets or red-light camera violations) is now lowered to a petty offense.
  6. Concussions: The government must now provide information to parents regarding the effects of concussions, warning signs for concussions, etc. free of charge.
  7. Dental Exams: All students (private, public or parochial) must provide proof of dental exam to school personnel prior to Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 6th Grade, and 9th Grade (adding 9th grade from previous requirements).
  8. Education Savings Account: Student savings accounts are now protected against debt collection so parents are encouraged to continue to save for college!
  9. Vaccinations: Requires schools to provide information about the flu in all information about immunizations and other health issues.
  10. Visitation for Non-Parents: Expands the rights of step-parents, grandparents, and siblings to file a petition for visitation. NOTE: This is really nuanced so make sure to contact an attorney before taking steps forward.