DCFS Indicated

Now what?

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This can be an extremely emotional and tense time.  It is important to keep the emotions separate and do your best to think clearly at this moment. There are strict deadlines and timelines for folks who want to appeal the decision by DCFS. If you go beyond those strict deadlines, you will likely be unable to appeal the decision and it will stay on your record.


  1. Professional: Do you have a profession in which you deal with children (or do you want to) where this would change your ability to be employed?
  2. Personal: Do you have the emotional energy to take on the appeal?


  1. Time: Do you have the time to deal with the appeal? For example, do you have time to draft the documents, phone into conferences, prepare for and hold the hearing?
  2. Knowledge: Do you know how to deal with the problem? For example, do you know the steps to file an appeal?
  3. Money: Do you have the financial means to manage this appeal? For example, do you have time to take off work to go to the hearing or the financial means to have an attorney advocate for you?

There are many free resources for parents in this situation. For a deeper look at this issue check out the Family Defense Center’s Guide for Pro Se (aka self-represented).

For legal advocacy send in your intake HERE for the staff at Harmening Law to review.