Transgender Students’ Rights

School can be tough; friends, homework, and pop quizzes can all be sources of stress in a student’s life, but worrying about whether a school will respect gender identity should never be one of them. Transgender students, like all students, have legal protections when it comes to their rights in school. If you have a child in your life who is transgender, familiarizing yourself with these rights can help you and your student make the most out

DCFS Indicated

Now what? This is not a substitute for legal advice. This is legal information. This does not create an attorney-client relationship. This can be an extremely emotional and tense time.  It is important to keep the emotions separate and do your best to think clearly at this moment. There are strict deadlines and timelines for folks who want to appeal the decision by DCFS. If you go beyond those strict deadlines, you will likely be

Tax Credit: Who counts the kids?

This is one of the most common questions folks have when they have not finalized a plan with the parent of their children. Who counts the kids on their taxes? NOTE: This is not legal advice. This is legal information. Contact an attorney for your specific situation. Do you have a Divorce Decree or Joint Parenting Agreement? If you already went through the process to get a Decree or Agreement of some kind–check there first. 

Joint-Simplified Divorce Demystified

The joint simplified divorce is a special type of divorce that a couple can get in a limited situation. What is a simple divorce? There are a number of factors that qualify you for a simple divorce.  Take our quick quiz HERE to determine if you are eligible.  If you are not eligible, some of these steps will still apply, so it is worth browsing through. REMINDER: THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE.  THIS IS INFORMATION. 

Quick Guide-Other Useful Updates

This is NOT an exhaustive list nor legal advice. This is round 3 of the series! If you are looking for more new laws, check out the previous post on family law HERE.  If you are looking for information more relevant to education law, check HERE. If you have questions about how these laws may impact you and your family, feel free to reach out to Harmening Law! Catch-all: This is the post with information that may