Avoid Legal Fees–Follow the Order for Holiday Visits

Avoid Legal Fees–Follow the Order for Holiday Visits

I personally love Christmas–all the lights and decorations feel so warm and exciting.  That aside, many people find it stressful and difficult to manage, especially when multiple families are involved.

Quick Tips for Holiday Success in a Divided House:

  • Plan ahead! Know exactly what time your child(ren) need to be at one house or the other.  For example, if an Order or Agreement says “5:00 at Dad’s”–who is taking them there? Who is picking them up? Does that mean Dad is picking up at 5 or does Mom need to leave her house by 5?  Decide together (by text!!) what times each person should be where.
  • Stick to the plan! This is always the hardest part–especially when dessert has not been served yet at the first house.  No matter the circumstances (unless extreme emergency), stick to the plan! If you agreed to leave at 5pm to head to house 2, do that! Send a text saying “on my way” to record that you are headed over so there is no question.
  • Stay Positive! Seriously–it’ll save you money.  Easier said then done but nothing ruins a holiday party like a Debby-downer.  Try to stay positive, even if the kids hate the plan or do not want to leave one place or another.  It is important for both parents to follow orders and holiday time makes it very easy to rack up legal bills if one person does not follow directions.  Do not give the other parent that upper hand.

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How did your holiday go?  Did everyone stick to the plan?  If not–let me know.  That can be a reason to change the Order or Agreement, or hold the other person accountable in Court.